Through my artwork, I aim to create a bizarre, surreal, and beautiful world that viewers can dive into. I depict cartoonish imagery that is equal parts cute and creepy—fetuses with makeup, headless dolls, bodies with distorted faces on them, snot creatures—using bright, unnatural colors that enhance the bizarre feel and contrast with the darker-themed imagery. I use markers to help me achieve the saturated colors and black-outlined edges that I'm looking for, combining them with acrylic paint to create a smoother, stylized, more three-dimensional look.

Inspired by my recent rocky transition into adulthood and memories of my paranoid childhood imagination, I began a series entitled Childhood Nightmares several years ago. I pored through my actual childhood photos for inspiration, and began using imagery such as dolls, stuffed animals, toys, and clowns.

My fascination with creepy imagery and fantasy worlds are linked to my lifelong struggles with anxiety, as well as my feverish imagination. I depict the world how it looks to me: sometimes terrifying and wretched, sometimes cute or humorous, and usually wondrous and stunning.